Monday, February 25, 2013

What I Learned From This Year's Academy Awards (half-a$$ed)

  • I need to see ARGO and LIFE OF PI again, ASAP!
  • Next year, no host > (insert host's name here)
  • The Academy Awards are about the movies, not the stage performances
  • A random number of Best Picture nominees is still ridiculous; needs to be 5 or 10
  • Who is lead, who is supporting? Christoph Waltz, as I have said since mid-December, is co-lead at worst.
  • The LES MISERABLES we got is worse than we thought. F^&* you Tom Hooper!
  • The winners are not always as bad as they appear
  • The most popular non-director nomination snub: CLOUD ATLAS for Best Score
  • I am far from the only hardcore MOONRISE KINGDOM fan. Huge smile.
  • The Academy voted for Pixar, not BRAVE. 
  • To tie the previous three together: The Academy does not watch all the movies it should, even the nominees.
  • Jennifer Lawrence will be the most divisive figure in Hollywood for the next X years.  Not KStew, JLaw. 


  1. I thought there were lots of great movie this year. The Oscar show was pathetic...

  2. Outside on the host, completely agree!