Friday, December 2, 2011

Subjects of future writings

Here are the subjects of postings in addition to the new reviews and random movie entries.

Modern Masterpieces: Reviewing movies 2-20 years old that are considered great by many, including myself.
The Five: A weekly-ish list of movies, characters or personalities on a particular subject.
The Almost Pantheon: Describing the experience of watching a great movie for the first time, every time.
I’m watching (movie title) so you don’t have to – Reviewing a bad movie using negative stars.
A Little Before My Time: Reviewing a movie I haven’t seen before released prior to 9/12/1985.
Second Time’s the Charm?: Watching a movie a second time, over two years later, to see if my opinion changes.
I Can’t Believe You Missed This: Review under-seen recent movie and compare to #1 movie at the box office during its run.
I Can’t Believe I Missed This: Reviewing a recent movie I missed in theatres and compare it to a movie I saw instead during its run.
And Box Office Champ Is…: Reviewing the #1 movie at the box office before the second weekend with box office prediction.
Instant Queue Skidoo: Review of random movie in the Netflix Instant Streaming arena.
Watching For My Generation: Watch a movie my generation adores and ponder if they are right, over-enthusiastic or insane.
Ebert Recommends…: Review of a movie Roger Ebert gave 3 ½ or more stars to.
In Defense of…: A defense of a movie that I have a positive opinion and few others I know do.

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